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Stock Struck
Stock Struck
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Stock Struck

Ants Are Riding, Ant Is Riding, Gaemiga Tago Isseoyo
Status: Completed Network: , Released: Aug 12, 2022 - Sep 16, 2022 Duration: 45 min. Season: Country: Type: Drama Episodes: 12 Director: Casts: , , , , , , Posted by: John Released on: Updated on:

Synopsis Stock Struck

Five people who invested in the stock market take part in a mysterious stock meeting. There, they learn about life, love, and friendships through investing in stocks.

Yoo Mi Seo is set to marry very soon. She’s new to investing and so far has only lost money.

33-year-old Choi Sun Woo is a man of mystery. When his shift at a convenience store ends, he climbs into an expensive import auto.

Kang San focuses only on his happiness, not caring about a career or finding success. He earns a living working part-time.

Jung Haeng Ja owns and operates a pig feet restaurant.

After retiring from his job, Kim Jin Bae began investing in the stock market.